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If You Are a Bad B**ch, Tap In

Oh Hi There, Gorgeous! 💋

First things first! Thank you so much for being here. I hope you enjoy a fun short read on my thoughts of being a bad b**ch.

Look, I know them lashes are luscious, but that twinkle game weak if a mind ain’t lifted. So stay lifted, and stay gifted.

Honestly, being a woman can be overwhelming.

Not to hate on men, but what the f**k do they have to go through? Don’t get me wrong! I understand mental health, societal standards, and trauma do not discriminate. But all the additional pain women have to endure, on top of an already challenging society, makes us superhuman. We’re just so... ugh, amazing! 🤣

Jokes aside, we are incredible beings. We are emotional, we are loving, we are intuitive, we are strong, and on occasion, we become a portal bringing in new life. We were born baddies!

So in a world full of ugly what makes us extra bad? 💅 ✨


Alexa girl, play Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé - Feeling Myself 

If you are the only person who will forever be with you, then you better be checking in girl!! Making sure you are loving with yourself, patient while intentionally growing into who you want to be. Making yourself feel special, just as you do with everyone you love.

You got you always and you are taking care of yourself, checking in with your emotions and routines, loving every single detail about who you are.

You are you, only you, it is your superpower and are a beautiful piece of this world. 🤍

We’re all really just experiencing life through our own visions and insights. We are loved, we are challenged, we transform, and we are home to an entire universe within us that is unique to only us.

You fa’ sho gotta ride for yourself! Always.

Learn everything about you! What brings you peace, what makes you feel beautiful, insecure, what sparks deep passion and fire within you? What triggers you? What encourages you to accept and show love to who you are?


What’s the best part of self-acceptance? Confidence joins the group chat. 💬

A confidence so rooted, it needs no introduction.

What is confidence? The loudest in the room? Iced-out? Longest nails?


True confidence or insecurity is stemmed internally and projected.

It is when you have either accepted all of you as you come and guide yourself with grace, or when you rely on external sources for self-validation.

See that’s where it’s all wrong…

An external search for something so personal and living within you only.

Confidence. Don’t you know you were born a bad b**ch?


How lovely it is to extend.

Let me introduce you to Miss. Grace.

Understanding, respectful, patient, and empowering!

That’s the true beauty of self-acceptance. You discover who you are, you allow yourself room for mistake, learning, and are able to provide kindness to yourself when needed.

And only then, are you able to understand the world around you. It is when you realize all the cheesy quotes actually have some truth.

Because it is the relationship you have with yourself, that influences the one with those around you.

When you are able to see and accept yourself for everything you are, beautiful and imperfectly perfect, just like her next to you; you allow grace entry and oh how lovely it is to extend. ✨

Some Luv,

Be confidently you. 🤍











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